Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chubbie Girl is PREGO!

Hey! Somethings have come up. Mostly in my midsection in the form of a baby bump so weight loss is hold until prob March. Yay! We are pregnant!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

On my way to better health!

I have been absent for so long I am sure most of the two people that were reading this have moved on. Here is an update despite that probability! I have started a new full time job and have been busy trying to balance being a mom, wife, housekeeper, all while working 40 hours a week. I am still trying to get a schedule and routine that works for us but it is a struggle. Blogging seems to be the last thing on the list. I will try to do better because I miss it! I miss writing and reflecting. It helps me stay focused on my goals.

So, I have been implementing different eating habits.
1)I have cut back on my animal products. Chicken, cheese, milk, fish, beef, pork etc. It isn't easy by any means. I have to put up with a lot of grumbles but I want the whole family to embrace these changes because it is better for us!

2)I have greatly reduced my oils that I cook with. Oil is pure fat. Yes, even olive oil. Did you know that cooking sprays can call their products fat free despite the fact that it literally spray fat in a can? How do they do it? Serving size. They can reduce the serving size so low that the percentage of fat i below a certain point they can put "Fat Free" on the front of the can. Flip your over and look at that serving size. 1/3 of a second spray! No seriously, it says that. Who can do that? Who would try? If I do use it I use it sparingly. If I bake I am going to try the applesauce or pumpkin substitutes. When baking veggies I toss them in veggie broth instead of oil.

3)I have eliminated milk almost completely. I am really liking Friendly Farms Almond Milk in Vanilla. It is only 80 calories and something like 1.5 grams of fat (and ZERO cholesterol) for 8 fl oz. You can find it at Aldi for under $3. I have also tried the Silk brand soy milk. It is okay too but I like almond milk better I think. Silk actually tastes more like cow's milk but I think the almond milk tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake. Which is good when you are eating healthy unsweetened cereal. I would like to find a substitute half and half for my coffee.

4)Whole wheat when we can. I stopped buying white bleached flour. I buy whole wheat bread, buns, wraps, pasta, and cereal.

5)I eat veggies and fruits! I take an apple and an orange with me to work everyday. I buy frozen berries and mixed fruit since it really isn't in season. It is like eating a Popsicle.

6)I am attempting to cut back on wine & coffee. It is sugary, empty calories. It is hard. I like wine. It is sort of my treat. So we have been filling out wine glass with the frozen fruit to displace the wine and then limiting to only a couple glasses. Then I get to eat the fruit. Coffee has become limited to only the weekends. es, I gave up my half and half. Boo. Hiss.

This is what I eat for breakfast EVERY morning.

- 1 cup multigrain Cheerios
- a handful of old fashioned oats
- almond or soy milk
- 1 kiwi (YES kiwi! Try it)
- 1 banana
*Did you know that kiwis have twice the potassium of bananas? Did you know that potassium removes the extra sodium from you body? Did you know excess sodium is a contributor to heart disease and high blood pressure? Eat your bananas and kiwis!

For lunch I usually have a whole wheat wrap smeared with roasted red pepper hummus then I pile it with veggies! Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers....its yummy and filling.

Dinner has been a lot of experimentation. We have been eating a lot of roasted and baked veggies. I did a spaghetti bake with zucchini and tomatoes that was yummy. I made eggplant burgers and gnocchi soup with spinach. I have to give in a couple times a week and make some sort of meat product. I think they'd revolt if I didn't.

I have been reading my copy of "The Engine 2 Diet". It is incredibly informative. If you are even at all interested in learning about how food effects your health you should read this. It tells you all about how animal products are so awful to our health. Such as, there is a thing called casein in milk and cheese that causes and feeds tumors. It talks about how the food industry are more worried about their bottom line than your health and lie to us on their packaging. This book teaches you to find the truth that is provided in the nutritional information and ingredients lists. It also shows you the way to better health and lower cholesterol, blood pressure and a long list of other things. It is an eye opening read! PLEASE READ IT! I seriously want to buy a copy for everyone I love. It touches on a lot of information and is easy to read and implement in your life! Very motivational.

The results:
Weight went back up a couple pounds after I quit the juicing. I am still losing though. This week has had a lot of failure in it. I haven't been taking my lunch so I have been ill prepared and have had to run and grab something quick. Next week, I am back at it full force. I have to make sure I allow that time in the morning to eat my breakfast and make my lunch. I have lost 1 inch on my waist and 1/2 inch on my chest. Those are results that make me smile. Something a scale can never do. Inches speak volumes to me! I feel so much better than I used to! I am only on one blood pressure pill now. I had a day where I was feeling dizzy and my eyes were weird. MY BLOOD PRESSURE WAS TOO LOW! I couldn't believe it. I can't wait to get off of this last one. That is my true motivation. Feeling better on my own without any chemicals in my body!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY 5 & 6

After 4.5 days of juice fasting I have lost 8 lbs. I am down to 229.6lbs. A whoohoo! I am barely under 230 but I don't care. I haven't been under that since spring 2010. It feels good. Tanner has lost 13 lbs. (pish, guys, I swear. They just think about losing weight and they do.) After much deliberation we have decided that while we will continue to juice everyday, we are done with the fast. Don't be disappointed in me. Last night, I had a salad. Well, it was like half a salad. I think my stomach shrank. Unfortunately, it did result in a little tummy ache. The tummy ache could have been a result of the anxiety of eating and feeling like everyone was looking at me knowing I should be juicing. I kept waiting for someone to stand up and point their finger at me yelling "CHEATER!" or even worse "QUITTER!". I am what I am.

We probably could have carried on and lost a bunch more weight but we just didn't want to. Lets be honest, 5 days without eating is a pretty big feat for this chubbie girl. I was just tired of feeling so tired. Not that I am feeling any more energetic today but at least I am not fretting over eating or not eating for that matter. I am being very sensible and I am attempting to eliminate a lot of animal product from my diet. I am now an almond milk advocate. I was really skeptical but it is actually really yummy. I bought the vanilla kind and it makes the plain whole wheat cereal I had this morning delicious.

SO the diet continues. This week, I am beginning a new full time job, so meal planning should be a snap. I am hoping to juice my lunch and bring healthful snacks. I will keep you posted.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY FOUR

My 10 day juice fast journal...DAY 4

This is my husband, Tanner, sucking down some green before work. We call this the "How fast can we drink our juice?" stance.

I was really hungry this afternoon. I came home from a meeting and Gavin was eating lunch. Daddy let him have some Chex Mix. The scent of Chex Mix permeated the entire room. Ugh. My belly growled and my mouth watered. I went and drank my green juice and had two glasses of water. Which I think is pretty good since I sat next to this person at my meeting that had just finished something with barbecue sauce on it. The empty container was sitting inches from me. I smelled nothing but that sauce for a hour. I almost asked them to throw it away. I almost stole it and licked it. I think my nose is on overdrive. I am still a little achy and tired. I have been sleeping like a rock. I plan on turning in early tonight too. Energy level is on the mid/low level. No headaches today. Neither of us feel like we have lost any weight but haven't officially checked onto it. I didn't get my walk in today either. The weather turned sleety and then snowy. No thanks.

I am decently perky today despite severe food cravings. I am beginning to worry more about that first day off of the fast. When you come off of a fast you have to do it slow so you don't freak out your system and make yourself sick. I hope I can continue to make healthful choices and not lose my head. Though all I can think about at the moment is a breakfast at IHOP. I am pretty excited for tomorrow to be over! It is the halfway mark, thank goodness. I am tempted to weigh in but I might wait until the 10 days is up. Maybe a weigh in would be encouraging. I really need some of that right now.

What we juiced today:
I made a grapefruit, orange, apple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and celery. It was a good mix and I used up the last of all the berries. Then a carrot, kale, sweet potato, lemon, celery, & apple. It is pretty lemony which is fine by me. Tanner made his own to take to work. He used romaine, kale, celery, kiwi, and apple. We are getting low on groceries! We will have to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow. For those curious: we hit up Aldi first. They have way better prices on produce. Whatever we can't get there we get at the dreaded Walmart.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It is definitely a milestone I am happy to hit. Tanner seems to be in better spirits today. Killing me still, by talking about food all the time.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY THREE

My 10 day juice fast journal...DAY 3

I want to chew this.

Today I am exhausted. I was good this morning and then about 3pm I started to wilt like a flower. I am feeling a little achy too. I am still constantly cold. I just can't get warm. The only relief from that is a hot shower. I did get hungry about 2:30p and need to make a juice but I wasn't able to get to making one until about 3:30p. Want some gross body info? I haven't had a proper BM since day one, I have a weird white coating on my tongue, and began my monthly cycle yesterday. That may be what is causing the tired and achy stuff. I pee about 30 times a day. The cravings are still there. I made Gavin some clam chowder for dinner. Something we both love. It was rough. I made him describe it to me like I had never ate it before. Funny coming from a 5 year old. Took the dog for a nice long walk despite wanting to take a nap instead. No head ache today. Yay.

I probably could have easily been persuaded to end it today. Feeling tired and achy makes me want to curl up into a ball on the couch AND EAT SOMETHING COMFORTING! I had a day dream about meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas. One of my favorite meals. My mouth watered while watching a cartoon eat french fries. I might be a touch depressed over missing cooking. I love to cook. Juicing isn't the same. I am also feeling a little disappointed in my naivete. I thought this wasn't going to be a lot easier. I even thought I might be able to carry this on for 30 days. Ha. Nope. No way. And a completely different nonjuice side note, I begin a new job on Monday. So I am dealing with some sadness over not being a a stay at home mom anymore.

What we juiced today:
For breakfast we had a grapefruit, strawberry, carrot, blueberry, raspberry treat. Then a cabbage (uck, used too much), apple, kale, kiwi, celery, carrot, & cucumber. After the cabbage fiasco I had to have something sweeter. I made orange, kiwi, blueberry, carrot, kale, and sweet potato. Not to shabby.

Water goals:
Doing great on the water. I had a green tea this afternoon and might have another one tonight.

Tanner's low point, I think, was last night. He was irritable and impatient. Other than also being tired today he seems perky. Hoping for my turning point soon. Waiting for that "great energized feeling" I have heard so much about. From what I can find in researching, I am still in the clean out phase. Ugh. I also heard it does it best when I am sleeping. I may go to bed at 8p tonight. Don't wake me up.

Good night!

Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue: Be Plant Strong

Now that the juice fast is under way, I have been beginning to think about how I am going to utilize this healthy jump start. I found the Engine 2 Diet with Rip Esselstyn. It is a whole foods plant based diet. I actually think it is more appropriate to can this a lifestyle than a diet. Rip Esselstyn was introduced on the Forks Over Knives documentary that I watched a while back. He is a professional triathlete turned full time firefighter. If I remember correctly, he and his firefighting buddies made a bet about who had the lowest cholesterol. They all went and got tested and found that one of them was actually really sick. So, the entire fire station adopted a plant based diet. Getting them all healthy!


In his short documentary, "Forks Over Knives Presents The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue", Rip makes a visit to two homes to show them the light. He goes through their cabinets and refrigerators and explains why the food they buy is bad for you. Basically, you can't believe anything on the front of a package. Everything that you buy should be flipped over, reading the nutritional panel and the ingredients. One woman claimed that she was already a vegetarian but a lot of the claimed "vegan" store bought items in her refrigerator were high in fat and cholesterol. His diet is anti anything that came from an animal: cheese, milk, meat, it all has to go. He also gets rid of anything with high sugar content and sodium. All while teaching them what the safe levels are.

After they clean it all out he takes them shopping to Whole Foods. Color me green because I am jealous. The closest Whole Foods grocery store to us is 127 miles away in St. Louis. I used the store locator on their website. They do the majority of their shopping in the produce section. Surprise, surprise. He says that frozen fruits and veggies are acceptable so are beans and whole grains. If it doesn't say "whole" in front of it you don't want it. There is talk of some other things to add in some sort of yeast and other things that I worry I will never find here. *sigh* Maybe a once a month trip to Whole Foods is in order.

They bring home their groceries and he teaches them how to cook and replace the meat, cheese and milk. One family does a burger and fries, lasagna, and a salad that uses only a squished up avocado for dressing. The other family makes cereal, a panini, pizza and ice cream using only frozen bananas and some vanilla. It was interesting and they all looked like things I would eat. So, I am truly tempted. I would like to get his book and read it cover to cover. There is a website that I browsed this morning, There are recipes on there and some guidelines for a 28 day challenge that looks tempting. I figure after drinking only juice for 10 days chewing just about anything with be good. As much as I am tempted to go nuts when I am finished with this juice fast, I know I can't. I have to move into healthy eating. I am trying to get together a game plan. I think this is a good place to start!

Here is a video from his sight about the 28 Day Challenge. Isn't he a cutie?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY 2

My 10 day juice fast journal...DAY 2

I have one day crossed off on the calendar countdown!

I feel good. I am not overly tired or hungry. If I get hungry I drink a juice and some water. It lasts about 3-4 hours between juices. I am still craving. Pinterest is the devil with its beautiful pictures of recipes I want to try. I am still freezing cold. I had a touch of a headache the same time today. I felt better after a juice and some water. I went to for my daily walk with Jackson and felt good. Last night, I was suddenly so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. I usually wait up for Tanner when he closes but I just couldn't last night. I usually toss and turn for 45 minutes before I fall asleep. Last night, I laid down and was out.

Afternoon and late evening is the hardest time today. Tonight was the worst. I want to snack. Today I am craving Double Stuffed Oreos with a big glass of milk. I can't even remember the last time I had those but I want them now. Or some milk chocolate pudding. Mmm chocolate. Otherwise I feel good. No weeping in the shower or yelling at the kids. :) Or kicking the dog. I had a professor in college, that would give us these great life pep talks. About how you have to make a life doing what you love. Making yourself happy so you don't "go home and kick the dog". I think it was a metaphor for being miserable. Anyhoo, emotionally, I am good.

What we juiced today:
I actually did half the days juicing before bed last night so Tanner would have juice to take to work in to morning. I made our super fruity breakfast juice. It was REALLY good. It had strawberries, raspberries, green apple and pineapple in it. Yum. Then I think I messed up one of the green juice of the day by adding too much ginger. It had red leaf lettuce, carrot, celery, cucumber, and about 1" of ginger. The ginger overpowered the whole thing. Then I made my go to from the meal replacement last week. It has cucumber, carrot, celery, kale, kiwi and a green apple. This one is good.

Water Goals:
Met and then some again. I am really glad I can have decaf green tea or I would really be missing my coffee. Well, more than I already am.

Over all today was BETTER than yesterday. I know Tanner is having some serious issues with being around food constantly and that darn caffeine withdrawal. He was pretty crabby getting up this morning. He said he couldn't concentrate on his work last night. So I hope he starts feeling better or it is going to be a rough 10 days for me and his employees!