Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forks over Knives: I might become a vegan.

I ventured back into documentary world via Netflix again tonight. I chose "Fork Over Knives" and it only furthered my findings from yesterday's documentary. Plants are our bodies saviours. While this doc is a little more dry and a lot less flashy cartoons it makes up with credibility. "Forks" mostly covers the research of two doctors that are original farm boys converted from waiting animal byproducts. It is amazing the years of study that these men have found. Their research closely links the typical US consumption of meat and dairy to cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity..and the list goes on and on. It talks about how we all believe a bunch of lies. That we are under an illusion that we must drink milk for calcium and eat meat for protein. Their research shows that cutting these out and eating a whole food plant based diet can not only stop the progression of some disease but reverse it. Amazing. If you could add years to your life by cutting back on these items, can you imagine what removing them completely would do? It has really made me reconsider meat. Just think about the quality of life. That alone has me wondering what it would be like to not feel sluggish, tired, foggy, headaches or heartburn. Instead having energy and a clear head. How much better can life actually be just by changing your diet? The only way to truly know is to try it yourself. I highly recommend "Fork Over Knives" if you are even just a little bit curious. Check out at their website for more info too.

It even touches on the government and children's school lunches. How fiscal reigns supreme over health every time.

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