Thursday, February 9, 2012

Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue: Be Plant Strong

Now that the juice fast is under way, I have been beginning to think about how I am going to utilize this healthy jump start. I found the Engine 2 Diet with Rip Esselstyn. It is a whole foods plant based diet. I actually think it is more appropriate to can this a lifestyle than a diet. Rip Esselstyn was introduced on the Forks Over Knives documentary that I watched a while back. He is a professional triathlete turned full time firefighter. If I remember correctly, he and his firefighting buddies made a bet about who had the lowest cholesterol. They all went and got tested and found that one of them was actually really sick. So, the entire fire station adopted a plant based diet. Getting them all healthy!


In his short documentary, "Forks Over Knives Presents The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue", Rip makes a visit to two homes to show them the light. He goes through their cabinets and refrigerators and explains why the food they buy is bad for you. Basically, you can't believe anything on the front of a package. Everything that you buy should be flipped over, reading the nutritional panel and the ingredients. One woman claimed that she was already a vegetarian but a lot of the claimed "vegan" store bought items in her refrigerator were high in fat and cholesterol. His diet is anti anything that came from an animal: cheese, milk, meat, it all has to go. He also gets rid of anything with high sugar content and sodium. All while teaching them what the safe levels are.

After they clean it all out he takes them shopping to Whole Foods. Color me green because I am jealous. The closest Whole Foods grocery store to us is 127 miles away in St. Louis. I used the store locator on their website. They do the majority of their shopping in the produce section. Surprise, surprise. He says that frozen fruits and veggies are acceptable so are beans and whole grains. If it doesn't say "whole" in front of it you don't want it. There is talk of some other things to add in some sort of yeast and other things that I worry I will never find here. *sigh* Maybe a once a month trip to Whole Foods is in order.

They bring home their groceries and he teaches them how to cook and replace the meat, cheese and milk. One family does a burger and fries, lasagna, and a salad that uses only a squished up avocado for dressing. The other family makes cereal, a panini, pizza and ice cream using only frozen bananas and some vanilla. It was interesting and they all looked like things I would eat. So, I am truly tempted. I would like to get his book and read it cover to cover. There is a website that I browsed this morning, There are recipes on there and some guidelines for a 28 day challenge that looks tempting. I figure after drinking only juice for 10 days chewing just about anything with be good. As much as I am tempted to go nuts when I am finished with this juice fast, I know I can't. I have to move into healthy eating. I am trying to get together a game plan. I think this is a good place to start!

Here is a video from his sight about the 28 Day Challenge. Isn't he a cutie?

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