Sunday, February 12, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY 5 & 6

After 4.5 days of juice fasting I have lost 8 lbs. I am down to 229.6lbs. A whoohoo! I am barely under 230 but I don't care. I haven't been under that since spring 2010. It feels good. Tanner has lost 13 lbs. (pish, guys, I swear. They just think about losing weight and they do.) After much deliberation we have decided that while we will continue to juice everyday, we are done with the fast. Don't be disappointed in me. Last night, I had a salad. Well, it was like half a salad. I think my stomach shrank. Unfortunately, it did result in a little tummy ache. The tummy ache could have been a result of the anxiety of eating and feeling like everyone was looking at me knowing I should be juicing. I kept waiting for someone to stand up and point their finger at me yelling "CHEATER!" or even worse "QUITTER!". I am what I am.

We probably could have carried on and lost a bunch more weight but we just didn't want to. Lets be honest, 5 days without eating is a pretty big feat for this chubbie girl. I was just tired of feeling so tired. Not that I am feeling any more energetic today but at least I am not fretting over eating or not eating for that matter. I am being very sensible and I am attempting to eliminate a lot of animal product from my diet. I am now an almond milk advocate. I was really skeptical but it is actually really yummy. I bought the vanilla kind and it makes the plain whole wheat cereal I had this morning delicious.

SO the diet continues. This week, I am beginning a new full time job, so meal planning should be a snap. I am hoping to juice my lunch and bring healthful snacks. I will keep you posted.

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