Friday, February 10, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY FOUR

My 10 day juice fast journal...DAY 4

This is my husband, Tanner, sucking down some green before work. We call this the "How fast can we drink our juice?" stance.

I was really hungry this afternoon. I came home from a meeting and Gavin was eating lunch. Daddy let him have some Chex Mix. The scent of Chex Mix permeated the entire room. Ugh. My belly growled and my mouth watered. I went and drank my green juice and had two glasses of water. Which I think is pretty good since I sat next to this person at my meeting that had just finished something with barbecue sauce on it. The empty container was sitting inches from me. I smelled nothing but that sauce for a hour. I almost asked them to throw it away. I almost stole it and licked it. I think my nose is on overdrive. I am still a little achy and tired. I have been sleeping like a rock. I plan on turning in early tonight too. Energy level is on the mid/low level. No headaches today. Neither of us feel like we have lost any weight but haven't officially checked onto it. I didn't get my walk in today either. The weather turned sleety and then snowy. No thanks.

I am decently perky today despite severe food cravings. I am beginning to worry more about that first day off of the fast. When you come off of a fast you have to do it slow so you don't freak out your system and make yourself sick. I hope I can continue to make healthful choices and not lose my head. Though all I can think about at the moment is a breakfast at IHOP. I am pretty excited for tomorrow to be over! It is the halfway mark, thank goodness. I am tempted to weigh in but I might wait until the 10 days is up. Maybe a weigh in would be encouraging. I really need some of that right now.

What we juiced today:
I made a grapefruit, orange, apple, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and celery. It was a good mix and I used up the last of all the berries. Then a carrot, kale, sweet potato, lemon, celery, & apple. It is pretty lemony which is fine by me. Tanner made his own to take to work. He used romaine, kale, celery, kiwi, and apple. We are getting low on groceries! We will have to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow. For those curious: we hit up Aldi first. They have way better prices on produce. Whatever we can't get there we get at the dreaded Walmart.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It is definitely a milestone I am happy to hit. Tanner seems to be in better spirits today. Killing me still, by talking about food all the time.


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