Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juice Journals: DAY THREE

My 10 day juice fast journal...DAY 3

I want to chew this.

Today I am exhausted. I was good this morning and then about 3pm I started to wilt like a flower. I am feeling a little achy too. I am still constantly cold. I just can't get warm. The only relief from that is a hot shower. I did get hungry about 2:30p and need to make a juice but I wasn't able to get to making one until about 3:30p. Want some gross body info? I haven't had a proper BM since day one, I have a weird white coating on my tongue, and began my monthly cycle yesterday. That may be what is causing the tired and achy stuff. I pee about 30 times a day. The cravings are still there. I made Gavin some clam chowder for dinner. Something we both love. It was rough. I made him describe it to me like I had never ate it before. Funny coming from a 5 year old. Took the dog for a nice long walk despite wanting to take a nap instead. No head ache today. Yay.

I probably could have easily been persuaded to end it today. Feeling tired and achy makes me want to curl up into a ball on the couch AND EAT SOMETHING COMFORTING! I had a day dream about meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas. One of my favorite meals. My mouth watered while watching a cartoon eat french fries. I might be a touch depressed over missing cooking. I love to cook. Juicing isn't the same. I am also feeling a little disappointed in my naivete. I thought this wasn't going to be a lot easier. I even thought I might be able to carry this on for 30 days. Ha. Nope. No way. And a completely different nonjuice side note, I begin a new job on Monday. So I am dealing with some sadness over not being a a stay at home mom anymore.

What we juiced today:
For breakfast we had a grapefruit, strawberry, carrot, blueberry, raspberry treat. Then a cabbage (uck, used too much), apple, kale, kiwi, celery, carrot, & cucumber. After the cabbage fiasco I had to have something sweeter. I made orange, kiwi, blueberry, carrot, kale, and sweet potato. Not to shabby.

Water goals:
Doing great on the water. I had a green tea this afternoon and might have another one tonight.

Tanner's low point, I think, was last night. He was irritable and impatient. Other than also being tired today he seems perky. Hoping for my turning point soon. Waiting for that "great energized feeling" I have heard so much about. From what I can find in researching, I am still in the clean out phase. Ugh. I also heard it does it best when I am sleeping. I may go to bed at 8p tonight. Don't wake me up.

Good night!

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  1. Hi Brooke! I just saw this on Pinterest and thought I would tell you I have juiced for 2 weeks and it will get much easier and eventually you wont crave food!!!! I used this website

    to lose weight and in 12 days I lost about 9 pounds. Also I recommend drinking lots of green tea.

    My favorite juice from this is the super juice it tastes delish!

    Good Luck :)