Saturday, March 10, 2012

On my way to better health!

I have been absent for so long I am sure most of the two people that were reading this have moved on. Here is an update despite that probability! I have started a new full time job and have been busy trying to balance being a mom, wife, housekeeper, all while working 40 hours a week. I am still trying to get a schedule and routine that works for us but it is a struggle. Blogging seems to be the last thing on the list. I will try to do better because I miss it! I miss writing and reflecting. It helps me stay focused on my goals.

So, I have been implementing different eating habits.
1)I have cut back on my animal products. Chicken, cheese, milk, fish, beef, pork etc. It isn't easy by any means. I have to put up with a lot of grumbles but I want the whole family to embrace these changes because it is better for us!

2)I have greatly reduced my oils that I cook with. Oil is pure fat. Yes, even olive oil. Did you know that cooking sprays can call their products fat free despite the fact that it literally spray fat in a can? How do they do it? Serving size. They can reduce the serving size so low that the percentage of fat i below a certain point they can put "Fat Free" on the front of the can. Flip your over and look at that serving size. 1/3 of a second spray! No seriously, it says that. Who can do that? Who would try? If I do use it I use it sparingly. If I bake I am going to try the applesauce or pumpkin substitutes. When baking veggies I toss them in veggie broth instead of oil.

3)I have eliminated milk almost completely. I am really liking Friendly Farms Almond Milk in Vanilla. It is only 80 calories and something like 1.5 grams of fat (and ZERO cholesterol) for 8 fl oz. You can find it at Aldi for under $3. I have also tried the Silk brand soy milk. It is okay too but I like almond milk better I think. Silk actually tastes more like cow's milk but I think the almond milk tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake. Which is good when you are eating healthy unsweetened cereal. I would like to find a substitute half and half for my coffee.

4)Whole wheat when we can. I stopped buying white bleached flour. I buy whole wheat bread, buns, wraps, pasta, and cereal.

5)I eat veggies and fruits! I take an apple and an orange with me to work everyday. I buy frozen berries and mixed fruit since it really isn't in season. It is like eating a Popsicle.

6)I am attempting to cut back on wine & coffee. It is sugary, empty calories. It is hard. I like wine. It is sort of my treat. So we have been filling out wine glass with the frozen fruit to displace the wine and then limiting to only a couple glasses. Then I get to eat the fruit. Coffee has become limited to only the weekends. es, I gave up my half and half. Boo. Hiss.

This is what I eat for breakfast EVERY morning.

- 1 cup multigrain Cheerios
- a handful of old fashioned oats
- almond or soy milk
- 1 kiwi (YES kiwi! Try it)
- 1 banana
*Did you know that kiwis have twice the potassium of bananas? Did you know that potassium removes the extra sodium from you body? Did you know excess sodium is a contributor to heart disease and high blood pressure? Eat your bananas and kiwis!

For lunch I usually have a whole wheat wrap smeared with roasted red pepper hummus then I pile it with veggies! Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers....its yummy and filling.

Dinner has been a lot of experimentation. We have been eating a lot of roasted and baked veggies. I did a spaghetti bake with zucchini and tomatoes that was yummy. I made eggplant burgers and gnocchi soup with spinach. I have to give in a couple times a week and make some sort of meat product. I think they'd revolt if I didn't.

I have been reading my copy of "The Engine 2 Diet". It is incredibly informative. If you are even at all interested in learning about how food effects your health you should read this. It tells you all about how animal products are so awful to our health. Such as, there is a thing called casein in milk and cheese that causes and feeds tumors. It talks about how the food industry are more worried about their bottom line than your health and lie to us on their packaging. This book teaches you to find the truth that is provided in the nutritional information and ingredients lists. It also shows you the way to better health and lower cholesterol, blood pressure and a long list of other things. It is an eye opening read! PLEASE READ IT! I seriously want to buy a copy for everyone I love. It touches on a lot of information and is easy to read and implement in your life! Very motivational.

The results:
Weight went back up a couple pounds after I quit the juicing. I am still losing though. This week has had a lot of failure in it. I haven't been taking my lunch so I have been ill prepared and have had to run and grab something quick. Next week, I am back at it full force. I have to make sure I allow that time in the morning to eat my breakfast and make my lunch. I have lost 1 inch on my waist and 1/2 inch on my chest. Those are results that make me smile. Something a scale can never do. Inches speak volumes to me! I feel so much better than I used to! I am only on one blood pressure pill now. I had a day where I was feeling dizzy and my eyes were weird. MY BLOOD PRESSURE WAS TOO LOW! I couldn't believe it. I can't wait to get off of this last one. That is my true motivation. Feeling better on my own without any chemicals in my body!

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